A Deadly Chapter

Book Three in the Castle Bookshop Mystery Series

A Deadly Chapter

Castle Bookshop Mystery #3
by Essie Lang

Summary of A Deadly Chapter

Shelby Cox isn’t sure what woke her, but she’s glad something did because she’s going to be late opening Bayside Books. Stepping out onto the upper deck of her houseboat to check the weather, Shelby hears a thunk. Investigating the noise, she finds a body of floating in the water. Her houseboat now a crime scene, Shelby is forced to her aunt’s house for breakfast and a change of clothes since pajamas aren’t appropriate retail wear.
At the store, the police chief shows Shelby a picture of a man’s body. Shelby recognizes him. He has visited the bookstore twice, once in the fall and the day before his body is found. Shelby doesn’t know his name. What she does know is the unknown man was looking for a woman who had moved to the area seven years ago. Shelby feels she owes the man something since she had talked to him twice and found his body.  Shelby inserts herself into the investigation. As Shelby draws closer to the truth, she puts herself in the killer’s path. Will she solve the mystery or become another body in the bay?


Author information/links

Linda Wiken aka Essie Lang

Published by Crooked Lane Books
ISBN 9781643855769

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