A Page Marked For Murder by Lauren Elliott

A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery #5

Book Cover for A Page Marked for MurderA Page Marked for Murder
by Lauren Elliott

A Page Marked For Murder

In Lauren Elliott’s latest bookstore mystery, Addison Greyborne, owner of Beyond the Page, a bookstore and curio shop located in Greyborne Harbor, must clear her friend Martha of murder and find the real killer.

Summary of A Page Marked For Murder

Pippi, the miniature Yorkipoo that belongs to book club member Gloria McBride, is huddled at bookstore owner Addie Greyborne’s feet. Her doting owner Gloria is nowhere in sight. As Addie starts to search she is joined by Martha Stringer, owner of the bakery next door. Shouts from volunteers in the park across the road interrupts their search. At the park, they discover Gloria has fallen from a ladder and injured her leg while setting up for the Fire and Ice Festival. She has lost her keys in the fall and Addie needs to find them in order to get Pippi’s things because Addie was appointed foster mother to the small dog.

But, things soon take a darker turn when Addie witnesses an argument in the park involving Paige, Martha, Paige’s up-until-now absentee father and another man. Addie finds out the next day from Martha he is Brett Palmer, father of Paige’s four-year-old daughter, Emma. It’s clear from Martha’s reaction she abhors Brett. He hasn’t had anything to do with Paige or Emma since Emma’s birth.

Another fight breaks out at the Fire and Ice Festival between Ken and Brett. Punches are thrown, and Martha lets her feelings known “knock it off…you’ll both pay the price for your foolishness here.” Not long after, Addie witnesses Martha in an argument with a woman Addie doesn’t recognize. From Martha’s “body language and accusing finger” it’s a woman Martha doesn’t want around. Life goes from bad to worse when Brett Palmer’s body is found behind Martha’s bakery and Martha becomes a prime suspect in Brett’s murder. In order to clear Martha’s name, Addie must find the murder weapon and bring the killer to justice.


Read it! This is a fun series. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters throughout the series. It started out slow, but then picked up. I kept guessing the whodunnit aspect until the reveal.

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Genre: Mystery & Thrillers/Cozy mystery
ISBN: 9781496727114
Publication: Oct. 27, 2020
Publisher: Kensington Books

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