A Page Marked for Murder by Lauren Elliott

Book Five in the Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery series.


Book cover for A Page Marked for Murder by Lauren ElliottA Page Marked for Murder

A Page Marked for Murder is book 5 in the Beyond The Page Bookstore Mystery series
By Lauren Elliott

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304 Pages, 4.70 x 7.00 x 0.78 in

  • ISBN: 9781496727114
  • ON SALE: 10/27/2020

A Page Marked for Murder Summary

The holidays are over, but Addison Greyborne, owner of Beyond the Page, a bookstore/curio shop, is as busy as ever. She’s and her shop assistant, Paige Stringer, are standing in the blustery weather bouncing ideas off one another for windows displays for the upcoming Fire and Ice Festival.

Settling on an idea, Addie starts to follow Paige back into the store. Addie’s attention is caught by two arguing men exiting Martha’s Bakery. They are Ken Stringer and Brett Palmer. Ken is Paige’s absentee father and Brett is Paige’s ex and the father of their daughter, Emma. Brett abandoned Emma and Paige when Paige was a baby. Now he is back, on the eve of Emma’s fourth birthday, to demand custody of his daughter. Martha is furious.

Addie finds Brett Palmer’s body propped up against the back wall of Martha’s Bakery. Martha’s altercations with Brett were public marking her as the prime suspect in Brett’s death. Addie knows Martha didn’t murder Brett. Addie also knows she needs to find the evidence to clear Martha’s name. But a murderer doesn’t want his or her identity exposed. As Addies closes in on the murderer, will she become the next victim?

My Thoughts

I enjoyed returning to Greyborne Harbor and Beyond the Page Bookstore. I enjoyed learning more about Paige, Martha, and their backstories.  The murder weapon angle was a surprise. The ending was a surprise as well, and I was glad it took on a slightly different tone.

While I enjoyed reading this book, it seemed a little thin in places. A lot of the texting that takes place seems more to take up space than add to the story. A minor quibble.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick, fun read, then Lauren Elliott’s books fit the bill.


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