Book Notes-A Glimmer of a Clue by Daryl Wood Gerber

When a close friend of Courtney's is accused of murder, it's up to Courtney and her fairy Fiona to clear her friend's name.

Book cover for A Glimmer of a Clue

A Glimmer of a Clue
Book 2 in the Fairy Garden mystery series

Summary of A Glimmer of a Clue

Lana Lamar, local art critic and champion pickle ball player, considers herself fair-minded, objective, and gorgeous. Courtney Kelly, owner of Open Your Imagination, a fairy-themed garden shop, knows otherwise. Lana is overly critical of everyone and everything, and today is no different.

Now Lana has gotten into an argument with Didi Dubois, owner of Sport Zone. As local pickleball champion for the past fourteen years, Lana wants an exemption from the rules governing competing in any competitive sport. Didi intends to hold Lana to the rules. Not long after her conversation with Didi, a ruckus breaks out somewhere outside the shop. Courtney, with her fairy Fiona following along, investigates what is obviously a fight between two women.

Lana Lamar and Wanda Brownie are engaged in a fight. Lana has denigrated one of the artists at Flair, an art gallery partially owned by Wanda’s daughter Meaghan. Wanda states her opinion of Lana’s art expertise-she doesn’t have any—and also calls Lana a cheater. Wanda plans to back Didi’s plan to revoke Lana membership at the Sport Zone because Lana has violated the guidelines of the sports club and Wanda intends to see Lana gone.
When Lana’s body is discovered at an exclusive fundraiser, Wanda is kneeling over the body, her hands wrapped around the murder weapon. Wanda is taken into custody, but Courtney knows Wanda, who is like a second mother to Courtney, didn’t kill Lana. It falls on Courtney to find the real killer and clear Wanda’s name. The killer, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind killing again if it means keeping their identity a secret.

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I wasn’t sure about this series after reading the first book, but this second book is so much better. This is a fun series, it has fairies!, and I’m glad I gave this second book in the series a chance.

Author Information

Daryl Wood Gerber

Book one in the series-A Sprinkling of Murder

Publishing Information

Kensington Books
Fiction/Mystery/Cozy Mystery
ISBN: 9781496726377

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