Book Notes-A Hint of Mischief by Daryl Wood Gerber

Book Cover with a birthday cake, a bloody knife, cupcakes resembling toadstools, a garden gnome and a cat

A Hint of Mischief

Fairy Garden Mystery #3
by Daryl Wood Gerber

Publisher’s Description of A Hint of Mischief

From Agatha Award-winning author Daryl Wood Gerber, the third in an enchantingly whimsical series featuring Courtney Kelly, the owner of a fairy-gardening and tea shop in Carmel, California. It’s a special place brimming with good vibes and the kind of magical assistance its proprietor will need to prepare for an old sorority sister’s birthday bash awhile solving a puzzling murder!

Courtney has thrown a few fairy garden parties—for kids. But if a local socialite is willing to dip into her trust fund for an old sorority sister’s fortieth birthday bash, Courtney will be there with bells on. To make the job even more appealing, a famous actress, Farrah Lawson, is flying in for the occasion, and there’s nothing like a celebrity cameo to raise a business’s profile.

Now Courtney has less than two weeks to paint a mural, hang up tinkling windchimes, plan party games, and conjure up all the details. While she works her magic, the hostess and her girlfriends head off for an indulgent spa day—which leads to a fateful facial for Farrah, followed by her mysterious death. Could the kindhearted eyebrow waxer who Farrah berated in public really be the killer, as the police suspect? Courtney thinks otherwise, and with the help of her imaginative sleuth fairy, sets out to dig up the truth behind this puzzling murder . . .

My Thoughts on A Hint of Mischief

Catching up with Courtney Kelly and her fairy, Fiona, is always fun. I enjoyed reading about the different fairy gardens Courtney comes up with for her clients; I always want to craft my own. Reading about Fiona is always fun. Fiona has come a long way since the first book. Gerber reveals just a bit more of Fiona’s backstory in each book, while at the same time letting the reader know Fiona’s story is far from done.

The mystery this time involved the death of a movie star. The suspects were plentiful-a former boyfriend, sorority sisters in town to celebrate a sister’s birthday, and a jewelry maker whose work was dissed on social media by the movie star, costing the jewelry maker business. There are plenty of suspects and motives to keep a reader busy trying to crack the case.

Adding in a few new fairies and fairy doors popping up all over town really made this a fun read.

What I don’t like are the constant descriptions of the clothing Courtney wears and the food she eats. For me, those don’t add anything to the story; they are details that slow the story down. Overall, though, I enjoy reading these books and hope there is a fourth one in the series.

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Publishing Information

Kensington Books
368 Pages, 5.49 x 8.23 x 0.96 in
ISBN: 9781496736048
ON SALE: 06/28/2022

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