Book Notes-Crimes and Covers by Amanda Flower

Book Five and the last book in the Magical Bookshop series

Crimes and Covers

by Amanda Flower

Crimes and Covers is book five in the Magic Bookshop Mystery series

Three days before Violet Waverly, co-owner of Charming Books, and David Rainwater, Chief of Police of the Cascade Springs Police Department, are set to be married, a nameless woman enters the bookstore. In her possession is a signed first edition of Walden. She demands Violet buy the book on the spot for $7000.00. Cash. When Violet hesitates-for many reasons-the woman takes the book and storms out of the shop.

The next time Violet sees the woman is at Violet’s wedding as an uninvited guest. On the way to the wedding reception, David spots someone in the river. Violet recognizes the body. It’s the mystery woman from the bookshop and now she doesn’t have the book.

The honeymoon is put on hold until the woman’s death is solved. It appears she just slipped and fell on the icy banks of the river, but the message written on her hand leads Violet on a search for the missing book. As she gets closer to finding the valuable book, someone is determined to stop Violet from ever finding it.

Crimes and Covers is the fifth, and last, book in the Magic Bookshop Mystery series. I’ve enjoyed reading these books. I’m a little sad it the series has ended, but Flower does an excellent job bringing not just this book but the entire series to a most excellent ending.

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Published by Crooked Lane Books
Jan 11, 2022
304 Pages
ISBN 9781643855967

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