Book Notes-Getaway with Murder

First book in the new Mountain Lodge series

Getaway with Murder book cover

Getaway With Murder

First in a new series.
by Diane Kelly


Getaway with Murder

Misty Murphy’s fiftieth birthday starts off unlike most. She’s signed her divorce papers (it’s an amicable split) and sunk her settlement into a dilapidated lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located in northwest North Carolina, The Ridgeview Inn holds a lot of Misty’s memories. Her parents brought Misty and her siblings here. Misty and her ex-husband, Jack, continued the tradition by bringing their boys Jack, Jr. aka J.J. and Mitch for hiking and skiing. Now Misty owns the 1950s era lodge, which hasn’t fared well over the past few years.

Misty has barely entered the inn with her cat, Baroness Blizzared, aka Yeti, when the rainwater run-off issue the inspector said needed addressed grabs Misty’s attention. Outside, Misty discovers a recent storm had washed away enough ground to collapse a support beam under the great room, causing the floor to drop by a few inches. But there is a silver lining to this situation and his name is Rocky Crowder. He’s the local handyman and Misty hires him to repair the damage to the lodge.
Misty also lands her first guests; a yoga group from Charlotte needs a new retreat venue. The group’s instructor, Sasha Ducharme-Carlisle, decides to give Misty a chance. The lodge, renamed the Mountaintop Lodge, is officially open for business. But the lodge may close before it has a chance to build up a clientele when, several days after their arrival, the Sasha’s body is found under the newly built deck. To save her business, Misty needs to solve a murder.


At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book. Chapters alternate between Misty’s point of view and Yeti’s. I found Yeti’s point of view a little distracting to the overall storyline. But the interaction between the characters-Misty, Rocky, Patty (the owner of diner across from the lodge), and Misty’s employee, Brynn O’Reilly, kept me turning the pages. The mystery wasn’t easy to solve, which is always a plus. This is the first book in the new Mountain Lodge Mystery series, and I look forward to reading the next.

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Author Information

Diane Kelly

Publishing information

St. Martin’s Paperbacks

ISBN 9781250815989

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