Book Notes: Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day by Kate Bowler






Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day



Have a Beautiful Terrible Day
by Kate Bowler
Convergent Books
Pub Date Jan 23, 2024

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Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day! is packed with bite-size reflections and action-oriented steps to help you get through the day, be it good, bad, or totally mediocre. This is a devotional for the rest of us—which is to say, the people who don’t have magical lives that always work out for the best. As she composed these meditations during a season of chronic pain, Bowler understands how every day can be an obstacle course. She encourages us to develop our capacity to feel the breadth of our experiences. The better we are at identifying our highs and lows, the more resilient we become.

Like modern-day psalms, Bowler’s spiritual reflections look for the ways we can expand our capacity for courage, love, and honesty—while discovering divine moments with God. With bonus sections to use during the seasons of Advent and Lent, this is an easy book to read along with other people too.

If you want to build your daily habit of spiritual attentiveness, this book is here to say: May all your days be lovely. But for those that aren’t, have a beautiful, terrible day!

My Thoughts

Kate Bowler acknowledges suffering is very much a part of life. Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day is Bowler’s way of reconciling both her suffering (she writes about her current battle with chronic pain) and her faith.

Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day can be read straight through or bit by bit. The reflections begin with a Bible verse, pulled from various translations. A reflection follows, written in Bowler’s unique style, which is honesty and humor. Prompts follow many of the reflections. Reflections vary in length, but none of them are long.
Bowler’s writing is conversational, not preachy. Her way of her writing grants the reader permission to acknowledge how difficult life can be at any given time. Meditations are followed by reflection prompts. The reflections are practical ways to put the meditations into practice.
There are 89 meditations split into three sections. The first section covers different situations for day-to-day living. Section two mediations are devoted to Lent and the last section covers Advent, for those that practice Lent and/or Advent.
Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day is a book I will revisit again and again.


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