Book Notes-Lemon Drop Dead by Amanda Flower

An unknown Amish woman is murdered in the small town of Harvest, Ohio. Chocolatier Bailey King works to solve the case.

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The Book-Lemon Drop Dead

The women of Harvest, Ohio—both English and Old Order Amish—are attending Emily Keim’s baby shower. It’s a lemony affair-lemon is Emily’s favorite flavor—and Emily’s friend and co-worker Charlotte has taken the lemon theme and run with it. Emily didn’t want the shower at first; she knows enough about English traditions to know baby showers are usually for first babies.

The baby Emily currently carrys isn’t her first; six years earlier she had a baby girl out of wedlock. Only a very few know Emily’s secret. Bailey is one of those people as is Emily’s sister Esther and their brother, Abel. Emily and Abel have never forgiven Emily for her indiscretion, and their anger has only gotten worse since Emily quit their family pretzel shop to work at Swissmen’s Sweets. Against Bailey’s better judgement, Emily insisted Esther be invited to the shower.

Esther doesn’t appear at the shower, but an Amish woman not from the district is there. Neither Emily nor Bailey knows who she is, but she knows Emily’s secret—this baby isn’t Emily’s first. She also knows Emily’s first baby was a girl and it will be a good thing when Emily’s daughter meets her new sibling. The woman vanishes before Bailey can speak with her. But the woman isn’t gone for long.

Late at night, Esther, Emily’s sister, pounds on Swissmen’s Sweets door, looking for help. Bailey finds the body of the woman from the baby shower on the kitchen floor of the Esh Family Pretzel shop.  Esther avoids Bailey’s questions about the woman’s identity. Bailey is sure Esther knows the woman, but Esther refuses to say if she knows the woman or not.

The Questions

Who is the dead woman in the pretzel shop? How does she know about Emily’s first baby? Does Esther know who she is? And most importantly, is Esther a murderer?


Lemon Drop Dead is the 6th book in the Amish Candy Shoppe Mystery series. This book carries on the strong storytelling and hard-to-solve mystery of the rest of the series. It’s always a joy to return to the small town of Harvest and the characters residing there.

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Publishing information

Published by: Kensington Publishing
320 Pages, 4.76 x 7.00 x 0.76 in
ISBN: 9781496722041

Book provided by author for review.

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