Book Notes-Lost Coast Literary by Ellie Alexander

Lost Coast Literary

by Ellie Alexander

Emily Bryan is a book editor in New York City. She receives a text from her Uncle Danny telling her her grandmother, Gertrude, has died. One of the stipulations in Gertrude’s will is that Emily must return to Cascata, California, in order to inherit The Ballads, her grandmother’s mansion. Emily returns to California, hoping to settle the estate quickly and return to her job in New York.

The will stipulates Emily is the sole heir to The Ballad as well as Lost Coast Literary, Gertrude’s agency. But there’s a catch. In order to inherit, Emily must edit the forsaken manuscripts. Emily can’t do anything, including selling the property, until the entire stack is done. She is stuck in Cascata.

Emily begins editing. The forsaken manuscripts involve people living in Carcata. The edits she makes to the manuscripts come true, which isn’t necessarily a good thing for those involved.  Cascata begins to grow on her and she’s torn between staying or selling The Ballad and returning to New York City.

Thoughts on Lost Coast Literary

This book isn’t the cozy mystery that Alexander usually writes. This book isn’t a mystery, but a women’s fiction novel. So don’t go into it expecting a mystery.

For me, this book was an okay read. I was detached from the characters and the plot was fairly straightforward. The magical elements weren’t that convincing. To me it seemed as though the story was rushed. Emily doesn’t struggle with, is surprised by, or confused about the power these manuscripts gave her when it came to controlling other people’s lives. Lost Coast Literary wasn’t for me, but it will be for someone else. So if this book sounds interesting to you, give it a try.

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