Book Notes-Marriage Can Be Mischief by Amanda Flower

The discovery of a skull reignites the investigation of a forty-year-old murder mystery.

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Marriage Can Be Mischief

Book Three in the Amish Matchmaker Mystery Series
by Amanda Flower

The discovery of a skull reignites the investigation of a forty-year-old murder mystery.

Marriage Can Be Mischief-The Mystery

Two filmmakers are in Harvest, Ohio, to film a documentary about a forty-year-old unsolved murder. Samuel Zook, while driving his wife Galilee home from work, was stabbed in the neck with a knitting needle. Galilee vanished and the sheriff theorized Galilee had stabbed her husband and then ran off to start a new life in an English (non-Amish) community.
Not everyone in the community believed Galilee was a murderer. Uriah Schrock, for one. Uriah is Galilee’s brother and Millie Fisher’s childhood friend. He’s returned to Harvest in hopes that Millie will help him find out what really happened to his sister all those years ago. Millie is determined to find out the truth and someone is equally determined to keep forty-year-old secrets buried.

Marriage Can Be Mischief-The Read

Millie Fisher and Lois Henry are an unlikely duo. Millie is Old Order Amish; she wears a prayer cap, drives a buggy instead of a car, and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself. Lois, on the other hand, has purple and red spiky hair, wears chunky costume jewelry, and brightly colored clothes. But their friendship is one that began in childhood some sixty years ago and is as solid as they come. These two know without a doubt they can depend on each other no matter what and the fact they come from such different backgrounds has never mattered. It’s a rare friendship and one that makes the books in this series work. A strong cast of supporting characters inhabits these books, adding to the draw that is Harvest, Ohio. Flower’s superb writing brings these characters to life, while giving the reader a difficult puzzle to solve.

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