Book Notes-Murder at an Irish Christmas

Siobhán O'Sullivan's Christmas is jarred by a murder.


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By Carlene O’Connor

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Summary of Murder at an Irish Christmas

It’s a week before Christmas and Garda Siobhán O’Sullivan and her siblings are in a small village in West Cork. James O’Sullivan is engaged to Elise Elliott, a member of a renowned musical family  Siobhán and her siblings are there to meet fiancé Elise Elliot’s family. Her grandfather is renowned conductor Enda Elliott. In addition to meeting the Elliot family, Siobhán and her brothers and sisters plan to attend a concert in honor of Enda. The concert will take place in the village’s old stone whiskey mill in six days on Christmas Eve. Siobhán has promised her family she won’t get involved in any crime fighting while in West Cork. That promise is about to be put to the test.

A crowd is huddled in front of the old mill, shivering in the wind and cold. Among those waiting for someone to unlock the doors are members of the RTÈ Orchestra, Siobhán’s family, and Enda’s family, including his second wife Moira and his current wife Leah. Enda is nowhere to be found. Once the key arrives, the door is finally opened and the crowd moves forward, eager to be in out of the cold. Their enthusiasm wanes though when Enda Elliott’s body is found crushed beneath a harp. In spite of her promise, Siobhán is pulled into the murder mystery to ensure a murderer doesn’t walk free.


My Thoughts on Murder at an Irish Christmas.

Murder at an Irish Christmas is the first book of O’Connor’s I’ve read. This particular book is number six in the Irish Village Mystery series and I plan on going back and reading the rest. The pace moves quickly. The dialogue is snappy, and it was difficult to solve the murder. Too many people with motive in a tiny village. The O’Sullivan clan is one I want to get to know better.


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Carlene O’Connor

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