Book Notes-Murder on the Poet’s Walk

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Murder on the Poet’s Walk
A Book Retreat Mystery #8
by Ellery Adams


When corpses clutching poems begin turning up around Storyton Hall, resort manager Jane Steward is on the trail of someone exercising poetic license to kill . . .

As Jane eagerly anticipates the wedding of her best friend Eloise Alcott, Storyton Hall is overrun with poets in town to compete for a coveted greeting card contract. They’re everywhere, scrawling verses on cocktail napkins in the reading rooms or seeking inspiration strolling the Poet’s Walk, a series of trails named after famous authors. But the Tennyson Trail leads to a grim surprise: a woman’s corpse drifting in a rowboat on a lake, a crumpled copy of “The Lady of Shallot” in her lifeless fist.

When a second body is discovered, also holding a page from a poetry book, a recurring MO emerges. Fortunately, Jane is well versed in sleuthing and won’t rest until she gives the killer a taste of poetic justice

My Thoughts on Murder on the Poet’s Walk

I enjoyed returning to Storyton in Ellery Adams’ latest novel in the Book Retreat Mystery Series. Two things keep me reading these books: the characters and the strong bonds they share with each other and the well-written mystery that keeps me guessing all the way through the story.
The characters are a family-either by blood or by the strength and longevity of their relationships. Jane’s devotion to her elderly relatives-Great-Aunt Octavia and Great-Uncle Aloysius comes through in the writing, as does her anguish when Uncle Aloysius starts becoming forgetful. Jane is also a single mother to mischievous twin sons Fitzgerald and Hemingway. But she isn’t the sole adult raising the boys; close friends and staff at Storyton Hall are also raising Fitzgerald and Hemingway. There is a trust and love among the characters that bring me back for more.
Adams also crafts well-plotted and hard to solve mysteries. The red herrings are effective in keeping me guessing as to the murderer’s identity. The twists and turns keep the plot moving and me engaged in reading—Adams’ writing makes it difficult to put her books down once started! Recommended.

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Publishing Information:
Kensington Books
304 Pages
ISBN: 9781496729491
ON SALE: 09/27/2022

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