Book Notes Review-On Borrowed Crime by Kate Young

On Borrowed Crime is the first book in the new series-A Jane Doe Book Club Mystery

Book Cover for On Borrowed Crime.

On Borrowed Crime

First book in the Jane Doe Book Club Mystery series

by Kate Young

On Borrowed Crime Summary

Lyla Moody has a new career. She has joined her Uncle Calvin at his Cousins’ Investigative Services as the new receptionist. Lyla has always had a fascination with murder and true crime, and this job is in line with that passion.

While on her way to her new job, Lyla’s car dies. While waiting for the tow truck, she is nearly run over by her friend Carol Timms. In the passenger seat is someone Lyla doesn’t recognize, because the person’s face is hidden by a cameo baseball cap. Before Lyla can approach Carol, she speeds away.

The next time Lyla sees Carol, she is stuffed in a suitcase. Lyla and the Jane Doe Book Club are determined to find the person or persons responsible for their friend’s murder. Lyla begins to receive frightening texts from an unknown number, as did Carol before her murder. Lyla must solve the murder before she becomes the next victim.

My Thoughts

When I first started this novel, I wasn’t sure I wanted to finish it. I wasn’t interested in the characters or the plot. The overbearing Southern mother seemed overdone and the plot didn’t grab me.

Until it did.

The writing did pull me in. I’m not sure where, but at some point I was guessing and second-guessing the culprit. At times, the pace slowed down a bit because of too much information.  Lyla’s mother was still overbearing, but enough hints about her backstory emerge to explain her. This novel is also a little darker than other cozies I’ve read, but nothing over the top.

This is the first book in the new Jane Doe Book Club Mysteries. Here’s hoping there are many more to come.

Author Information

Visit Kate Young’s website to find out more about her books.

Read a sample of On Borrowed Crime here.


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