Book Notes: Seams Like Murder

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Seams Like Murder
A Sewing Studio Mystery
by Dorothy Howell

Seams Like Murder blurb

From USA Today bestselling author Dorothy Howell, a brand new cozy mystery series featuring twenty-something Abbey Chandler and her fellow sewing circle members in the quaint, touristy town of Hideaway Cove. 

Abbey Chandler needs a new start and a place to escape, so Hideaway Grove, where she spent her childhood summers, seems like a perfect choice. Once there, she takes up a rewarding new hobby—but also gets tangled up in a hit-and-run homicide…

Abbey has barely arrived in the quaint, quiet town of Hideaway Grove before things turn from blissful to bloody—as the new librarian is mowed down by a car. The only witness on the scene isn’t much help, aside from handing Abbey the bag of books dropped by the victim. Even worse, the sheriff’s office seizes Abbey’s car because of a suspicious dent in the right front fender.

While she waits for the problem to be sorted out, Abbey is drawn into a charity sewing project—even though she can’t tell a bobbin from a seam ripper. Before she knows it, she’s graduating from pillowcase dresses to aprons, setting up a studio in a back room of her aunt’s bakery, and making plans to participate in the upcoming craft fair.

But through it all, she keeps looking for patterns and possible conflicts in the late librarian’s personal, professional, and romantic life. Then a shocking discovery sends her in a new direction, and as the truth begins to unspool, she’s got a notion about who’s guilty… 

My Thoughts on Seams Like Murder

I dabble in sewing, having picked it back up in the last year or so. When I saw the title and description of this book, I was intrigued, and Howell didn’t disappoint. It was fun watching the main character, Abbey Chandler, try to rebuild her life after a possible career ending mistake at her high-pressure job in Los Angeles. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she finds ways to occupy her time-and taking up sewing is one of those ways. So is solving a murder, but more on that in a bit. Abbey decides to help the community meet its quota of pillowcase dresses, even though she was a disaster in sewing classes in high school. She takes on the challenge and even organizes a community sew-a-thon if you will to complete the pledged number of dresses. She doesn’t stop there; with a little bit of instruction, she makes aprons for her aunt and employee of her aunt’s bakery, and also starts a side-hustle making bags and other items complete with a logo of her own design. All of this while trying to solve a murder and decide what kind of a life she really wants.

And she really needs to solve this murder. The sheriff is certain of Abbey’s guilt and isn’t motivated at looking at other possible suspects. If Abbey wants to clear her name, then it’s up to her to solve the mystery.

I’m ready to read the next one in the series.

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Kensington Books
288 Pages, 5.50 x 8.25 in
ISBN: 9781496740397
ON SALE: 09/27/2022