Book Notes-To the Tome of Murder

A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery #7

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To The Tome of Murder
A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery #7
by Lauren Elliott


Publisher’s Summary for To The Tome of Murder

Three weeks before Thanksgiving, bookshop owner Addie Greyborne already has a full plate—and a killer on her case…
Addie’s determined to turn a seemingly ordinary November in coastal Greyborne Harbor into one for the books. The windows of her shop display carefully curated works by American writers, including a rare selection of traditional holiday recipes from the influential 19th-century publication Godey’s Ladies Magazine. And then there’s the town’s Civil War-era themed cooking and baking competition, with a hefty cash prize and free publicity going to the winning dish…

But when she finds her cousin’s boyfriend murdered, a stunned Addie reluctantly realizes she may be the only person who can blow the cover off a grisly crime. With so many unanswered questions surrounding the victim’s death, Addie must figure out the strange connection between a mysterious vintage briefcase, the disappearance of a first edition copy of Sarah Josepha Hale’s famous nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and a dangerously well-read culprit…


My thoughts about To The Tome of Murder

I can’t believe this is the seventh book in this series. I’ve look forward to returning to Greyborne Harbor and the residents with each book. For this visit, Greyborne Harbor is getting ready for a Civil War cooking competition. Addie Greyborne and Paige Stringer, her assistant manager, are getting the bookstore ready by stocking up with Civil War material. Addie is busy working on the window display when she receives a phone call from her cousin, Kalea. It’s garbled, but Addie makes out enough to send her running from her shop to her cousin’s dress shop, Hudson’s Creations on Main.
Addie arrives at a locked shop. Kalea sees Addie through the shop’s window and unlocks the door. Still unable to talk, Kalea points and Addie steps around the scattered merchandise on the floor and finds a body, speared with a broken hanger.
Kalea is the number one suspect for the murder, and it falls on Addie to clear Kalea’s name. But trying to clear Kalea’s name is harder than Kalea expects and time is running out.

Author information/links

Lauren Elliott
Other books by this author: Murder by the Book, Prologue to Murder, Murder in the First Edition, Proof of Murder, A Page Marked for Murder, Under the Cover of Murder,

Publishing information

Published by: Kensington

Imprint: Kensington

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781496735126