Book Notes-Winter’s End by Paige Shelton

Book 4 in the Alaska Wild series

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Winter’s End
by Paige Shelton

About Winter’s End

Spring has arrived in Benedict, Alaska, and with it, the annual Death Walk. The people of Benedict gather and then disperse into the wilderness to check up on their neighbors. Benedict is isolated, on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness, and not everyone may have survived the long, dark, brutal Alaskan winter. Beth Rivers moved to Benedict months ago to hide from her still-at-large kidnapper and has integrated herself into the town. She is present at the Death Walk and she, along with her friend Orin, and her dog Gus are sent to check on an elderly resident living alone in an isolated cabin. Once Orin and Beth reach the cabin, they find the elderly resident in bad shape.  Orin leaves the old man in Beth’s care while Orin goes for help. It isn’t until the police chief shows up that Beth learns Orin has disappeared.
Orin isn’t the only one unaccounted for; Kaye Miller, a young woman Beth was becoming friends with, as also vanished. As Beth does her own investigating into Kaye’s disappearance, Beth is pulled into a long-running family feud between the Oliphant and Miller families. Kaye was married to Warren Miller but had struck up a friendship with Cyrus Oliphant. Now Kaye is nowhere to be found, and the Millers blame the Oliphants. As the investigation progresses, lies and secrets are forced out into the open, and Beth is forced to fight not just for her life, but the life of another as well.

My Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed this series, for several different reasons. One is the setting. Alaska is one of my favorite places in the world. Another is watching Beth Rivers fight to overcome her traumas and make a new life for herself. I’ve also enjoyed watching how the people of Benedict accept Beth into the town and she forms fast friendships with several of them. Shelton’s writing pulled me in from the first page and kept me up past my bedtime, but I read Winter’s End in two days. Highly recommend.

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Winter’s End

Paige Shelton

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