Book Notes-the blog

Book Notes-notes and thoughts on books I've read that I think readers should know about. Mainly cozy mysteries and mysteries, but other genres sneak in as well.

Book Notes-Introduction

Book Notes is my way of sharing and promoting the books I’ve enjoyed.

I’m a life-long reader. The Little House books introduced me to the power of words to transport a reader into another world. Charlotte’s Web is the first book that made me cry. Now, I read across a lot of genres, but my favorite genres to read are cozy mysteries and mysteries. I also read some history along with biographies. A little bit of horror in the way of Stephen Graham Jones’ work. I also throw in some contemporary fiction with a bit of women’s fiction. Book Notes is my way of sharing and promoting the books I’ve enjoyed.

Some Favorite Authors

Some of my favorite cozy mystery/mystery authors are Amanda Flower (cozy mystery author), Louise Penny (Inspector Gamache series-mystery) and Craig Johnson (Longmire series-mystery).  Stephen Graham Jones, a horror writer, is a favorite. Neil Gaiman, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Fredrick Backman are favorite writers as well.

Book Notes-Thoughts on Books

Book Notes is my way of sharing about the books I’ve read and I want others to know about them too. Most of the books on the blog are cozy mysteries and mysteries. But, not all Book Notes will feature cozies or mysteries. I want to highlight books from other genres I’ve enjoyed.

Why Cozies?

I’m also a writer working on my first cozy series. I have a town, characters, and I’m in the process of revising my first novel. I enjoy the light-heartedness of cozies as well as a puzzle to solve. Win, win.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, the books I review are my own copies, from the my local library, or arcs. ARCs (advance reader copies)  are obtained from Netgalley.