Dead-End Detective by Amanda Flower

A Piper and Porter Mystery from Hallmark Publishing

Book Cover for Dead End detective

Dead-End Detective is the first book in a new series by Amanda Flower. Published by Hallmark Publishing.

The Mystery

Darby Piper is a private investigator and the most important case in her agency’s ten-year history has just dropped into her life. It’s a murder case, but unfortunately for Darby, she is the prime suspect.

The murder victim is Samantha Porter. Samantha was Darby’s partner in the Two Girls Detective Agency. Samantha and Darby had spent the last ten years building up the business. But Samantha, with her 60% ownership in the agency, was about to dissolve the partnership in order to take on a new job.

The Prime Suspect

Matt Billows is the owner of Lake Waters Retreat, an exclusive spa on the shores of Seneca Lake. He had offered Samantha the job as head of security. Samantha, tired of the private investigator life, had agreed to take the job. Samantha’s choice leaves Darby without a job or a home, since Darby lives above the detective agency. The two fight about the new changes and Samantha leaves without resolving their differences.

Darby’s ex-boyfriend, Police Officer Austin Caster, is the one to tell Darby in the early hours of the next day about Samantha’s death in a car accident. But then he begins to ask Darby questions. By the time Austin and his partner Zack Lauter leave, Darby realizes she is the primary suspect in Samantha’s questionable death. With Samantha gone, Darby’s job and home are safe. Unless she is convicted of a murder she didn’t commit.

But the real murderer has planned this crime well. All the clues point directly at Darby. Darby will require all the skills she’s acquired in her ten years as a private investigator to solve Samantha’s murder, clear her own name, and bring the killer to justice.

Overall thoughts on Dead-End Detective

I look forward to the first book in a new series—entering a new world and meeting its inhabitants, without having to make small talk. Is this setting a place I want to immerse myself into? Are these people I want to spend more time with, getting to know them warts and all? In the case of Amanda Flower’s new series, the answer is yes. Her strong primary characters and secondary characters are people I want to know, and Harrington is a place I want to visit again. The book is also peppered with humor; Mrs. Berger, Harrington’s oldest resident at 90 years of age, is the owner of Romy, a Maine Coon cat who is the bane of Darby’s existence. Mrs. Berger also swings a mean cane when necessary. I look forward to reading more about the small village of Harrington and the characters living there.

Release date: August 25, 2020

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