Farm to Trouble by Amanda Flower

Shiloh Bellamy returns to her hometown to save the family farm and finds herself the prime suspect in a murder.

Book cover for Farm to Table mysteryFarm to Trouble A Farm to Table Mystery

by Amanda Flower

Summary of Farm to Trouble

In Farm to Trouble, Shiloh Bellamy has come home to Cherry Glen, Michigan, to help her father with the family farm. Over the years, she has sent money home from California, where she worked as a producer, to help pay off the farm’s debt. For years Shiloh has dreamed of turning the land into an organic farm-to-fork operation, but her father has refused. But Shiloh won’t give up on her dreams so easily; she’s brought aboard an investor to help turn the farm into a profitable business.
Shiloh’s investor is Jackson Crocker, the most hated man in the area. He’s bought up most of the buildings in Cherry Glen and he’s been trying to buy Bellamy Farm for years. Only after her father’s tirade does Shiloh begin to fear she’s made a mistake bringing on Jackson, but the contract is signed, and she can’t back out now. The next morning, instead of meeting Jackson to discuss business, Shiloh finds his body instead. Now Shiloh is a prime suspect in Jackson’s murder and if she doesn’t figure out who killed her investor, she’ll lose her family and her farm.


Farm to Trouble is the first book in the Farm to Table series. Cherry Glen, Michigan, is a small town that has re-invented itself, surrounded by family farms struggling to make ends meet. The relationships between the characters are complex, complicated by family ties, misunderstandings, and for Shiloh, a painful past she must face after avoiding it for so long. Fork-to-Trouble is a strong start to a new series and I look forward to reading more.

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