Hidden Treasure A Josie Prescott Mystery

When the niece of a friend and client is murdered during a robbery, Josie is determined to find the killer and reclaim the stolen antiques.

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Hidden Treasure

Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries
(Volume 13)
by Jane K. Cleland


Hidden Treasure Summary

Josie Prescott, owner of Prescott’s Antiques and Auctions, has owned her new home for an hour when Celia Akins, niece of the home’s previous owner, shows up at Josie’s office. Celia insists on seeing Josie because there’s a problem. Celia tells Josie that Stacy, Celia’s sister, and Celia need Josie’s help for their Aunt Maudie. A trunk has gone missing. Josie agrees to accompany Celia and Celia’s husband Doug to the house so they can search for the missing item, even though Josie knows the trunk isn’t there. Celia and Doug’s search comes up empty.

The next day, Josie does her own walk through of her new home. In the kitchen she discovers an old dumbwaiter hidden behind a panel and in the dumbwaiter is the missing trunk. Josie informs Maudie Wilson, previous owner of the house, of the find and offers to deliver the trunk to her at the Belle Vista, an assisted living facility.  Celia and Stacy had both referred to Aunt Maudie being forgetful, but the woman Josie meets and forms a bond with is anything but forgetful. By the time Josie leaves Bella Vista, she’s found a new friend in Maudie Wilson.

Maudie decides to sell the trunk and its contents, and she wants Josie to handle the sale. Josie arrives at Bella Vista to meet with Celia and Maudie to finalize the paperwork and pick up the trunk. Maudie and Celia fail to keep the appointment, and no one can find either one. Josie finally convinces an administrator to check Maudie’s apartment. Inside is Celia’s body. Someone has taken a presentation box from the trunk and Maudie is still missing.
Where is Maudie? Did the person or persons responsible for murdering Celia take Maudie and steal contents from the trunk? Josie is determined to discover what has happened to her new friend, and someone is determined to stop her. Can Josie figure out what’s happened to Maudie and the missing items before she becomes the next victim?


I enjoyed reading this book. The twists and turns kept me guessing as to the killer’s identity.  The threads of the plot and sub-plots were slow to untangle, which kept me involved in the story until the end. I recommend this book for its vibrant characters and smart storytelling.

Author Information

Jane K. Cleland

Criminal Element feature

Publishing Information

Minotaur Books
St. Martin’s Publishing Group
On Sale: 12/08/2020
ISBN: 9781250242778
288 Pages



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