Hot to Trot-Agatha Raisin Mystery Volume 31

Agatha Raisin is drawn into the cutthroat world of elite horse shows to solve her latest murder case.

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Hot to Trot by M.C. Beaton
An Agatha Raisin Mystery (Volume 31)


Agatha Raisin is the founder of Raisin Investigations, a successful private investigator business, and she has plenty of cases to keep her and her staff busy.
One of those cases is the Chadwick divorce case. Mrs. Sheraton Chadwick is suspected of cheating on her husband, but the man meeting her is careful to keep his identity secret. Another case is Philpot Electronics; the company chairman has doubts about his new managing director, Harold Cheeseman. The request of a Mr. Gutteridge, owner of a biscuit and cake factory, to install listening devices in order for him to monitor his workers’ gossip, is turned down. A Mrs. Jessop thinks a poltergeist is re-arranging her kitchen and digging in her garden, while a Mrs. Fletcher wants the agency to find out who is using the bottom of her garden as a latrine. But the biggest case, and one causing Agatha the biggest turmoil, is why her long-time friend Sir Charles Fraith is marrying Mary Darlinda Brown-Field, thirty years his junior.
According to the headline in the Mircester Telegraph local newspaper, the impending nuptials is the “Society Wedding of the Year.” The ceremony is to take place at Sir Charles’ ancestral home at Barfield House. The photo doesn’t bode well for a happy union; Sir Charles’ expression is vague and haunted, while Mary’s grasp on Charles’ arm is anything but tender and loving. Agatha knows it is a marriage of convenience; Mary’s family is very wealthy, and Sir Charles is not. A rushed, hushed conversation with Gustav, a man of many talents very much needed on the estate and a man who loathes Agatha, painted a far more dire picture of life at Barfield House. After the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon, Mary’s body is found in the stables after fighting with Agatha at Mary’s birthday bash/costume party. Agatha is determined to find Mary’s killer, but someone else is just as determined to stop her.


I’ve not read all the Agatha Raisin novels, yet, but I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve read. I love the characters and their relationships to each other, the glimpses into English village life, and the plot twists that keep me guessing (and second guessing) until the end.

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Hot To Trot