Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower

Newest book in the Amish Candy Shop mystery series


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Marshmallow Malice
by Amanda Flower

Bailey King has her hands full. As maid of honor for Juliet Brody’s wedding to Reverend Simon Brook, Bailey is forced to deal with the loss of Juliet’s bangs in a hairstyling mishap involving a curling iron and Juliet’s support pig (as well as ring-bearer for the wedding), Jethro. As co-owner, with her Amish grandmother Clara, of Swissmen’s Sweets candy shop, Bailey is also in charge of delivering the large wedding cake covered with marshmallow icing, pink fondant polka dots as well as a large pink fondant ribbon, to the outdoor reception, as well as preventing the sugary goodness from melting in the July heat. Bailey succeeds, with help from Cass, her best friend from New York City, and her boyfriend Aiden Brody (Juliet’s son). The wedding ceremony is almost complete when the back door of the church flies open, and an unfamiliar woman disrupts the wedding. After causing a scene, “out of a midday soap opera only with bonnets and buggies,” as Cass says, the woman leaves the church and Juliet and Simon are married. Bailey sees the mystery woman one more time that day. The mystery woman rebuffs Bailey, climbs into a car, and leaves.

The next time Bailey sees the woman, she is dead on the church steps, a large gash on the back of her head and bleeding into the concrete. Who is she and how does she know Reverend Simon? Is the Reverend somehow involved in her death? Was the marriage a mistake? Oh, and who is the beautiful red-headed woman that approached Aiden at the wedding? She knows Aiden, but Aiden is tight-lipped when it comes to their relationship. Bailey must discover the murderer’s identity before he or she strikes again.

Amish Candy Shop Mystery Series

Marshmallow Malice is the fifth book in the Amish Candy Shop mystery series, and I’m glad to say Lemon Drop Dead, the sixth book in the series, is coming next year. This cozy mystery series is one of my favorites and I always enjoy visiting Harvest, Ohio, to catch up with the characters. Other books in the series are: (listed in order) Assaulted Caramel, Lethal Licorice, Premeditated Peppermint, and Toxic Toffee. Novellas in the series are Botched Butterscotch and Criminally Cocoa.

About Amanda

Flower’s newest series is The Amish Matchmaker mystery series, a spin-off from the Amish Candy Shop mystery series. The first book in this series is Matchmaking Can Be Murder. For more information about Amanda and her books, visit her website.

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