Tackling TBR Mountain (To Be Read)

Tackling TBR Mountain-a reading goal for 2023 is to read books I already own and posting my thoughts

Just a few of the books I’ve had for awhile that I haven’t read.

Reading in 2023-Tackling TBR Mountain

So begins another year, which means a slew of reading challenges have hit the internet in the last week. But what about the books collecting dust on my shelves, aka TBR Mountain?

I’m not a big fan of reading challenges, probably because I don’t like being told what to do. But yet, I can see value in them–getting me to read something I may not normally read. Like books that occupy space on my shelves and e-reader that I have yet to read.

Reading plan in 2023 to Tackle TBR Mountain

So, I’ve decided to write my own highly personalized challenge. I’m making a reading challenge based on the many books I’ve bought or borrowed and haven’t read. It’s also a way for me to keep up with my NetGalley ARC (advanced reader copies) and hold me to a deadline. It doesn’t mean I’m locked into the list–it will be, can be, and should be, somewhat general. A really specific challenge would defeat the purpose–I may read a minuscule amount, if that, before I became overwhelmed and set it aside. I also have so many different genres that listing them all specifically would overwhelm me as well.

Once I’ve read a book, I’ll share my thoughts about it here so maybe
you’ll find a new book to read. Spreading news about good books, one book at a time.

My 2023 Reading Challenge for TBR Mountain

So here’s the challenge I’ve come up with so far–subject to change without notice:

  • Read an ARC I’ve had the longest
  • Read an ARC published in January
  • Read an ARC published in March
  • Read a work of general fiction
  • Read a work of supernatural/fantasy
  • Read a work of horror
  • Catch up on a series (Craig Johnson and Louise Penny in particular)
  • Read a collection of poems
  • Read a collection of short stories
  • Read a collection of fairy tales/folktales
  • Read theology (C.S. Lewis/Chesterton especially)
  • Read indigenous authors
  • Read history
  • Read biographies
  • Read a signed book
  • Read a book that was a gift
  • Read a kids’/YA book
  • Read a book of fantasy/sci-fi
  • Read a non-fiction book-nature
  • Read a writing craft book
  • Read a general interest book

That’s the list. A lot of books will fit in more than one category and there are probably books that don’t fit into any of the categories listed. I’ll add missing categories if needed.

Let the reading begin

Motivation, accountability and all that. I plan on keeping a running list here and not just on Goodreads. Hopefully by the end of 2023, I will know I’ve read a lot of what I have (I’m not naive enough to believe I’ll have read all of TBR mountain. The only way that would happen would be to stop buying books altogether. Let’s not get carried away here.)

The conquering of TBR mountain

Posts featuring my TBR pile will be noted in the blog title: TBR (book title) as well as a separate category. I also plan to add a WIP (Work In Progress) category in the future, but that’s another post for another time.

Your TBR books

What about you? Any plans to tackle your TBR books this year? (Feel free to use my TBR challenge to create your own.)  Let me know by sending an email to cheryl (at) cherylrussell (dot) com.