Book Notes on Under the Cover of Murder

Under the Cover of Murder is Book Six in the A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery series

Under the Cover of Murder A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery #6

by Lauren Elliott

Summary of Under the Cover of Murder

Identifying a dead body was not an activity Addie Greyborne expected to be doing on her friend Serena Chandler’s wedding day. But Serena’s brother, Police Chief Marc Chandler, asked for Addie’s help. Marc thought Addie might recognize the man as a staff member from the super-yacht of Serena’s future in-laws. Addie had spent time the past week attending pre-wedding teas and cocktail parties on the yacht, but she doesn’t recognize the man.
Addie does recognize the uninvited guest crashing the reception. Lacey Davenport is a former employee of Serena’s and no longer lives in town. But here she is, at the reception, drinking champaign and antagonizing guests. Lacey’s behavior doesn’t improve during the evening.  The last time Addie sees Lacey, she is arguing with another guest.
Lacey doesn’t appear at breakfast the next morning, but the police chief and members of the police department are at breakfast. They are there to question the wedding guests. Lacey’s body was found by a fisherman. Her head is gashed, and the police want to determine if the gash happened before or after she fell into the water.
Because they are all potential suspects in a murder, the guests are forbidden to leave the yacht. Addie, along with several friends and with time on their hands, undertake an investigation of their own. Addie discovers the killer, but he or she may silence Addie before she can alert the authorities.


I’ve enjoyed reading all the books in this series. I really liked the change of setting for this book-a super yacht in Greyborne Harbor. All the plot lines kept my head spinning, but the threads are all neatly tied up in the end. Read this book as well as others in the series.

Author information/links

Lauren Elliott

Publishing information


Cozy Mystery

ISBN 9781496727138

Published by Kensington

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